Hope & Clay Construction Ltd.



Dunmore Road/Wootton Road Roundabout, Abingdon.

Roundabout Alterations

We confirm that we have been appointed by David Wilson Homes to carry out the S278 Roadworks at the above. These works include the reconfiguration of the existing roundabout, together with resurfacing.

These works are part of the North Abingdon Development.

It is envisaged that the works will be completed within Fourteen weeks but may be subject to change due to factors beyond our collective control.

Advanced signing will be in place prior to the start date to inform the passing public of the impending works.

Works will commence on 8th February 2021 when traffic management will be installed. Please note that Wootton Road, North and South of the Roundabout will be closed from 19th April -8th May 2021 whilst the resurfacing works are carried out

28/4/21 Update works have progressed ahead of programme, and whilst work may not look like it is ongoing, this will alter in the next couple of days with resurfacing works commencing.

Drawings of the works can be found by clicking here.

Our Traffic Management Plans can be found by clicking here.

The Envisaged Programme can be found by clicking here

Road Closure Plans can be found here